Our equipment

Dizzy Daisies is well equipped with a range of toys and play equipment for boys and girls from 0-4 years old. Older siblings can come to play with their brothers and sisters whilst parents, grandparents, guardians, childminders and nannies can join in, or keep a watchful eye as you relax and enjoy a dink, snack or lunch. Equipment includes:

~ Bouncy castle
~ Enclosed ball
~ Soft play equipment
~ Toys and books with readers corner
~ Obstacle course

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Fun at Dizzies

Although Dizzy Daisies is a play area that requires you supervise the children in your care we take safety seriously, so you can relax in the knowledge that our toys and equipment are maintained routinely. We are fully insured too, so come along, enjoy Dizzy Daisies and spread the word!

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